Core Publisher: How do I manage my content?

Finding & Managing Content

In your top grey and black admin bar, you can click on the Content or Find Content link to navigate to your Content Manager.
There are nine tabs on the Content page:
  • Content: Tools for searching, browsing and managing all content on site
  • Drafts: List of all autosaved drafts of Posts
  • Files: Directory of all uploaded audio, image and PDF files, as well as a tool to upload new files
  • Get NPR Content: Tools for searching, browsing, managing and publishing posts from the NPR Story API
  • Get Station Content: Tool for pulling content from another NPR Member Station through the NPR Story API using their Org ID
  • Manage Queues: List of Core Publisher tablequeues, including Flexi Menu and footer admins
  • Pull PMP Doc: Tool for pulling posts from the PMP
  • Scheduled: List of all scheduled Posts
  • Search PMP docs: Tool for searching content in the PMP
To search through your Core Publisher content:
  1. Click on either Content or Find Content.
  2. Use the Search field to browse through your content using keywords.
  3. The Author, Status and Type dropdowns allow you to make your search more specific.
  4. Click on the Filter button to search through your site’s content.
 To execute batch tasks on your Core Publisher content:
  1. Click on either Content or Find Content.
  2. Check the checkboxes for the pieces of content that you want to execute a task on.
  3. Select the task that you want to execute from the Batch Tasks dropdown -- Delete, Publish or Unpublish.
  4. Click on the Execute button.
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