Marketing Forms: Form Failure Auto-Emails

Your Marketing Forms account is configured to send an email to users who attempt to submit your form if there's an error with their payment. For instance, if a user enters the wrong credit card number, the form displays a decline message from the payment gateway, a failure email is automatically sent to the user.  

This email is only sent when someone tries to submit the form, and the payment won't go through. If you are managing the schedule for monthly payments within your Marketing Forms account, the system does not send an email to the donor when a scheduled payment fails.

Here's what the standard form submission failure email says:

Need Help?

Our records indicate that that you may have had trouble connecting or completing our donation form.

We're here to help if you would like to try again by returning to our donation form here: [current-page:url]. Or, you can always contact our membership team directly by email: ([npr-tokens:station-email]) or by phone: ([npr-tokens:station-phone]) to help process your payment and/or answer any questions or concerns that you have.

We appreciate your support and hope that you'll find the time to try again to complete your donation.

Thanks for your efforts!

Tokens from your account will include your contact email and phone number as well as a link back to the form the donor was attempting to submit. 

The message in the email can be customized for a particular form, if needed.

The email can also be disabled on a form by form basis. For example, if you have a form used only by phone volunteers, you may wish to disable the message so that donors will not receive an email if an volunteer mistypes their credit card number.

Please submit a ticket if you need to request edits to your form failure email, and specify whether or not the change should apply to a particular form or all forms.

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