Marketing Forms: PCI Compliance

In this article, we'll provide information about PCI DSS 3.0 Compliance within NPR Digital Services Marketing Forms

NPR Digital Services Marketing Forms is part of the Springboard e-commerce platform, which is managed and hosted by Jackson River. 

The Springboard e-commerce application has been audited, on-site by Coalfire, an independent Qualified Security Professional (QSA) to attest to Jackson River's adherence to the most current PCI DSS 3.0 specification for hosted, e-commerce applications. 

Attached to this article is the current PCI DSS 3.0 compliance documentation for the NPRDS version of Springboard that is signed by Coalfire and Jackson River.

If you have any PCI compliance questions, you should first contact your own internal organization's PCI compliance officer and share with them the attached documentation for your use of Marketing Forms.

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JacksonRiver_v3.2_AOC_SIGNED.pdf JacksonRiver_v3.2_AOC_SIGNED.pdf

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