Marekting Forms: How to Manage Payments

The payment management options within Marketing Forms vary depending on which Payment Gateway you are using: 

Paypal Payflow Pro stations manage payments in the Paypal Admin (e.g. cancel sustainer profiles must happen in Paypal admin).

Sage station admins can choose to have Marketing Forms process payments (e.g. Authorize&Capture mode) or to process their own payments with a GUID (e.g. "Authorize only mode). station admins administer payments through the Marketing Forms Admin.

Single Transactions and ORDER IDs

For a single payment (e.g. a one-time $120 donation or the first in a sequence of payments such as the first of sustainer payment profile), Marketing Forms authorizes the donation amount (e.g. $120.00) from your payment gateway service.  The ORDER ID in Marketing Forms reports represents a single transaction.

Paypal Payflow Pro

Paypal Admin:  Single Transaction  

COMMENT 1 will include the ORDER ID. If you refund a single transaction in Marketing Forms, you'll see the credit reflected here.


Paypal Admin: Sustainers

To change transactions in Paypal Admin for a sustainer, go to RECURRING Billing in Paypal admin to modify or cancel the user's profile.  

NOTE: You can't change a Paypal sustainer profile in Marketing Forms-- it's a limitation of Paypal.  


In Sage, our ORDER ID will appear in your Virtual Terminal


Sage & Sustainers (Authorize & Capture)

For recurring payments (e.g. monthly sustainers), Marketing Forms uses the Springboard platform RECURRING DONATION SET feature. This means that if a donor opts for a monthly sustainer payment, Springboard will create a schedule of monthly payments to send to your payment gateway through the end of their credit card expiration date.

Each set of payments connected to a single sustaining pledge are given two IDs, which are included in your Donation Export report:

MASTER ID: This is an ID number that is the same for every payment in the pledge.  Only sustaining payments receive a Master ID

ORDER ID: This is a unique ID for each individual payment. 

GIFT SEQUENCE: Your donation export report will contain a GIFT SEQUENCE field that Memsys uses to identify where in a series a payment falls.  Gift sequence numbers ending in 000 are one-time gifts, gift sequences ending in 001 or higher are part of a sustaining set of payment with 001 being the first payment, 002 being the second payment, etc.

To manage a recurring donation set in Sage (Authorize&Capture mode), choose EDIT DONATION SET

On this page, you can skip or advance a pending charge.  Also, you can cancel the entire series at the bottom of the page and/or change the user's credit card or payment amount.  


Here's an example of a recurring payment schedule in Marketing Forms for one contact. This is reached by either looking up an order in your ORDER report or clicking on the ORDER ID in your Donation report.

The DONATION ID is the ORDER ID in your donation record and what is sent to Sage with each amount on every charge date. The MASTER ID is the set of recurring ORDER IDs. The schedule above shows the sequence of payments as they will be sent to your gateway to process. The STATUS shows if the payment is successfully processed by your payment gateway. You can EDIT THE DONATION SET here to update the charge amount for the user and/or refund or cancel pending recurring charges.  


Payment Failures:  Form Failure Email Notification

We automatically send an email to a potential donor if there's a failure with their payment when they try to submit the form. The form will display an error but the email is a second assurance to remind them to return to your donation form to re-enter information. 


Refunds & Cancels

Here's how to process a credit card refund for a single transaction or cancel a recurring payment (sustainer) series.  

NOTE:  Refunds and Cancels can only be managed within the Marketing Forms admin for stations using and Sage (Auth & Capture) processing.  Stations using Paypal Payflow Pro should manage refunds & cancels through the Paypal Admin, and stations using Auth Only processing with Sage should manage refunds and cancels via your membership database. 

Find your transaction in the ORDER Report

ORDERS will show you the most recent orders or you can search by order number.   CONTACTS will enable you to search a user by their email address.  The ORDER number will appear in your payment gateway if you need to see the transaction in your payment gateway.    NOTE:  CONTACTS only shows users (not admins if you're looking for a payment you made under your email).


SAGE Authorize&Capture Mode:  Refund a single, lump-sum transaction in Marketing Forms

You can refund a single, lump-sum transaction in Marketing Forms.  In the orders report, click PAYMENT on the transaction you want to refund and click on refund.  You will see a CREDIT for your order in Sage admin.  

NOTE: If you attempt to refund a payment before it has fully settled by your gateway, you will see an error message in your Marketing Forms account saying, REFUND FAILED.  Should this happen, you will need to refund the payment from within your payment gatewat. 


SAGE Authorize&Capture Only:  Partial Refunds and Donation Export report

You can do a partial refund on a single transaction in Marketing Forms. However, the final donation amount won't be reflected in your donation export report. You will have to look up the order ID in your donation export report and edit the donation amount field to the final amount before importing into your donation database.  


Cancel a recurring/sustainer series in Marketing Forms, Part 1

You can cancel a recurring/sustainer series by going to the Order Number, Clicking on Payment and then EDITING THE RECURRING PAYMENT SERIES

After choosing EDIT DONATION SET, you go to the bottom of the page until you see CANCEL ALL FUTURE PAYMENTS. This will prevent Marketing Forms from sending any more sustainer payments to your Payment Gateway.  You may want to cancel a sustainer payment if someone calls and/or they are updating a credit card and need to create a new sustainer payment series:

PAYPAL: Cancel a Recurring/Sustainer Payment

You can only cancel sustainer payment series in Paypal Admin.  You can always refund a single payment transaction in Marketing Forms.

Unfortunately, Paypal doesn't offer a way for you to manage your cancels in Marketing Forms. Therefore, you have to continue to find an Order ID (and/or look up a contact email) in Paypal admin in order to refund a single payment and/or cancel a sustainer series.  


Video Tutorial:  Cancel a sustainer payment series and refund a single payment/transaction in Marketing Forms


When you download your Donation Export report, if you have any single payment refunds or sustainer profile cancels, they will be listed under ORDER Status.  

Here's an example of the donation export report after we cancelled a sustainer series (671) and then refunded the first payment from the video above.  

NOTE: 617 is the sustainer series master ID and Gift Sequence is every single transaction after. This is a SAGE/ account using Authorize&Capture mode.  Paypal stations manage sustainer profiles and cancels in Paypal admin

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