Marketing Forms: How to Manage Premiums

In this article, we'll explain how to add a premium to a form, how to remove a premium, and how to edit an existing premium. 

NOTE: There is a 40 premium limit per form.  The form will generate an error when a donor tries to submit a donation if there is a very large number of premiums attached to the form.  Our recommendation is to limit the list of premiums to about 10 per form to keep the list manageable for a donor to scroll through. Always test a bill-me payment when adding premiums that approach 40 to ensure there are no errors.


Adding Premiums

1. Log into Marketing Forms and select STORE along the top navigation bar and click on PRODUCTS

2. In the store area, you will see any existing premiums to edit and/or search.  To add a new product, click on "Add a product."  

3. To add a new premium, choose "Add a Product" and then "Create Fundraiser Premium."

NOTE: Please ignore Create Product.

Edit an Existing Premium

Use the search box to find premiums by SKU.  You can also re-sort the list by clicking on any of the column headers, and browsing the list for the premium you need. To edit a premium, choose EDIT.

Premium Fields

All premiums must include a unique SKU, Title and Price.  All other fields are optional:

Product SKU (required): This is a unique code for that premium.  If your database relies on specific SKUs for your premiums, you should use that code here.  If you do not use SKUs, you’ll have to make one up.

SKUs can only contain letters, numbers, and hyphens. Spaces or any other non-standard characters (commas, ampersands, parenthesis, etc.) cannot be use.

A premium’s SKU will be included in your donation export report to represent the premium selected by your donor.  

Title (required): The name of your premium as you want it displayed on your forms.

Price (required): The minimum donation amount required for a donor to select the premium. 

Description:  A longer description of your premium.  The description is only visible to donors when they expand a premium on your form.

Tip: Just under the description field is a drop-down menu labeled, TEXT-FORMAT.  Set the drop-down to “Full-HTML” to display a text formatting bar at the top of DESCRIPTION window.  This will allow you to add formatting to your text without needing to know HTML.

Attributes allow you to add up to two drop-down boxes to any premium to allow your donors to select options related to that premium, like t-shirt size or color.  Note that there is not a way to have a premium’s SKU change based on an attribute.

Attribute Title:  This is the label for the option you want to provide.  It will be visible to your donors as the label for the drop down menu.

Attribute Options: List of the options you want available.  Put one option on each line.  For example, t-shirt size and color options list may look like this:

Place each attribute value on a separate line.  

NOTE: You will need to use the Premium Report to download information on which attributes were selected by a given donor.  The Donation Export Report does not contain attribute information, only the SKU of the gift selected.

Fair Market Value & Image Upload: Optimal premium images are square and look good at both 104x104 (small size) and 250x250 (large size).

If you add a fair market value for the premium, the user's receipt and confirmation page will show the premium amount with the FMV subtracted for their tax records.  

NOTE: The filename for your image must not include any dashes, spaces or underscores.

Forms:  If you know the form that you want the premium to appear on, you can type the form name into the search field, the click on the name of the matching form to make the connection.  

You can also add all of your premiums at once and then go into your forms and attach your premiums.  

If you have many premiums on a form, you can use the FEATURED checkbox to only show your top premiums. You can also arrange the order in which they appear.

If you don't choose FEATURED for some of your premiums, those premiums will be listed under SEE MORE GIFTS.  

Delete Checkbox: 
If you want to remove a premium from a particular form, check the Delete checkbox under the form’s name in the list, and hit SAVE at the bottom.  This will remove the premium from that form only.  The premium will still be available in the system, and display on any other forms you have attached it to.

Quantity: If you wish to a allow a donor to select more than one of a give premium,  a number higher than 1 in this field will create a drop-down box on your field allowing each donor to select up to that number with their pledge.  For example, if you enter 4 in this field, a donor will see a quantity drop-down on the form that will let them choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 of the premium.

NOTE: If it's only 1 premium/order (default setting), then users won't see the quantity drop-down on the form.

If a user selects a higher quantity of a selected premium than they chose in the ask amount, the form summary will change to the higher ask amount to reflect they ordered more than 1 premium.

The summary bar follows a user down a page to remind them of their donation amount and what they ordered.  If they reconsider, they can delete the premium but the donation stays the same until they change their ask amount.

Out of Stock: If you want a premium to appear on a form but not be available to order, you can select the box, "Out of Stock" at the top of the edit screen:

Here is an example of a premium that appears to the user as out of stock.  They can't add it to their summary cart but they can still donate.

11. Confirmation Message: You can also add an optional CONFIRMATION Message that will appear beneath your premium on the donor's confirmation page and confirmation email.

This information doesn't appear on the donation form premium description, so you can use this area to alert members to special codes for exclusive membership benefits.

Activation Schedule: You can set a premium to only appear on donation forms for a limited time.  

Set your premium status to ACTIVE then, add the dates to the ACTIVATION Schedule when the premium will appear on forms.  The premium will not appear on any form until you hit the activation date. The time zone is set up when we set up your Marketing Forms account.

You can leave the activation schedule blank if you want the premium to be visible immediately without a known end date.

Status: A premium set to ACTIVE is visible on any forms it is attached to.  A premium that is DISABLED is not visible on any forms it is attached to.

Rather than deleting premiums that may have orders attached (so you can view the premium info as users viewed it on your form), it's better to simply disable premiums from view on any form.

Show: You can tag a premium with the name of a specific show.  However, this information is not used anywhere (yet).  We may build out the premium sort and search options at some point down the road, which is why the field is included.

Revisions: There's an optional field to record any notes that you have about changes to this premium where you can view revisions in the Marketing Forms admin for future reference

Attach a Premium to a Form from the Form's Edit Screen

On a form, you can choose the EDIT tab to attach premiums, delete them from the form, make them a featured premium or drag and drop the order:

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