Marketing Forms: How to Edit a Cloned Form

Here's how you can customize your cloned sample form by editing the payment information and other details.

  1. Log into Marketing Forms and choose the cloned form that you want to edit.
  2. Scroll down to premiums to add or delete any premiums.
  3. Check DELETE if you don't want that premium to appear on this form. Search for other premiums by typing a word from your premium title in the box.
  4. Scroll down to Payment Methods to choose whether users can pay by credit card, bill me (invoice), or EFT.
  5. Uncheck ENABLE for any methods you don't want to appear.
  6. Edit the LABEL for how you want the payment button to appear to users. If you have more than one payment gateway for a method (e.g. PayFlow Pro for Credit card payments but Litle for EFT), you can select that under Payment Processor.
  7. Scroll down to edit your ask amounts (gift string) on your form.
  8. The ask amount is always the one-time (annual) amount even if you are cloning a "monthly only form." You can add as many ask amounts as you like although four ask amounts view best on mobile devices.
    • You can also optionally add text to an ask amount (e.g. $60 "Silver Member"). To set a default click on default or choose "No default ask amount". We recommend that you always set a minimum donation amount to the monthly amount for your lowest ask amount (e.g. $5.00 is one monthly payment for $60). If you have a premium, you must keep the SHOW OTHER Amount box checked.  
  9. If you encounter the error text, "The amount cannot be empty when a label is set" when you try to delete an amount on a cloned form, you can fix this by adding text to a label and checking the REMOVE box at the same time. It's not an ideal admin workflow but this fix will work for now.
  10. Go to the bottom of the form and click on SAVE.  You can always PREVIEW or DELETE this form later.
  11. You will be returned to a VIEW of your form where you can see your edits to your ask amounts, payment methods and premiums. Click on the EDIT tab to make further changes. If your form is live and you want to make changes without those changes going live -- you can always choose PREVIEW instead of save.  
  12. As an option, you can also add description text to the top of your Web form. Click on EDIT to access the "Body" field.
  13. In the description text area, you can choose to use the FULL HTML editor or input your own. Keep in mind that this space may push down important form information (ask amounts, etc.) on your mobile forms so you'll want to only use this content area sparingly if at all.
  14. You can also add a title above the description text at the top of the form.   Choose EDIT and then uncheck "Hide Form Title" and click save. Your form title will then appear as a headline to your description text (in addition to the title appearing in your URL).
  15. As with the description text, keep in mind that mobile viewers of your form will see the gift string pushed down. Test and use sparingly both the headline and the description field.
  16. As an option, you can change the format of the payments. If you've cloned one of our sample forms, you don't need to do this step.

    Payment format options include:
    • Recurring is an option, but users can opt out is MONTHLY & ONE TIME payments.  
    • Recurring is an option on this form and users cannot opt out is MONTHLY only payments.  
    • Recurring is not an option on this form is ONE TIME payments only.  
In the future there will be an option for "Ignore SEND new users an email with their account details."

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