Marketing Forms: How to Create a New Form

The only way to create a new form is to clone an existing form. The system is pre-loaded with several template options you can start from.  Once you’ve built a customized form, it can also be cloned to carry those customizations to your new form.

How to Clone a Form:

When you launch Marketing Forms, you will see sample forms that we've uploaded for you to get started quickly. Here's how you can copy (clone) them to create your own custom forms.  

  1. Go to VIEW ALL DONATION FORMS (Click “Springboard” in the black bar at the top, then choose the blue FUNDRAISING tab).

    Find the form you want to copy & click the CLONE link on the right.

  1. Confirm that you want to CLONE the form.

  1. Before making any customizations, give the form a new Title & Internal Name, then scroll down to the bottom of the edit screen and hit SAVE.

  2. Choose the EDIT tab to further customize your new cloned form.

  3. When you return to your form list, you will see your new form and date that you cloned it.

Your most recent created forms are always on top of the list. To continue to clone one of the original sample forms, just scroll to the bottom of the list. You can create as many cloned forms as you need.

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