Salesforce Marketing Cloud: How to Send an Email in Classic Content?

To send an email, first select the email you would like to send by navigating to your My Emails folder:

Email >>Content>>My Emails

To send an email in Classic Content, you need to do what is called a Guided Send. 

1. Select the box next to your email and open the pull down menu under SEND at the top of the emails list. There is also a send menu available at the top of the screen when you are in the edit view for an email.

2. Select Guided Send. A wizard will pop up to guide you through the send process. 

3. The next phase of the send process will ask you to choose recipients. Next to the "Send To", select Data Extension or Data Filter and find the list you would like to send to. 
  • A. Sending to a one time list: Data Extension>>One-Time Lists
  • B. Sending to your full list: Data Extension>>Master SubscriberData>>Station_Subscribers_Master
  • C. Sending to a data filter (newsletters, etc): Data Filter
4. Ignore Choose Excludes and Suppressions unless you’ve uploaded an data extension containing email addresses you wish to suppress. 

5.  The FROM Name is pre-set to whatever was set as your account default. To switch to a different from name, click on the SEND CLASSIFICATION radio button and select an available SENDER PROFILE from the drop-down list (more information on sender profiles available here).

6. Schedule send and REVIEW

7. Confirm that you would like to send this email to the Data Extension intended by checking “This Information is Correct”

8. Press Send.  Warning - For emails scheduled to send immediately, there is no way to recall an email once you hit send.  Emails scheduled to be sent at a future date/time can be canceled.
Note: Filters will show 0 subscribers because they fill in when you press send

Sending to a Data Filter vs. Subscriber Audience

Data Filter: Instructions for SMC – How to determine who belongs on a sub-list that the email sends to. When sending to a filter, the filter is run once you hit send. There is no way to preview the number of contacts before sending.

Filtered Data Extension (Subscriber Audience): A filtered data extension.  You can preview the number of contacts before sending. However, it is important to remember to refresh to pull in new contacts.

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