Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Profile Pages

Getting Started: Profile Page

  • Your users will subscribe and unsubscribe to your newsletters via your profile page.
  • If a user wants to subscribe to a newsletter, change their subscription to a different newsletter, or want to unsubscribe, they must do so on the Profile page.
  • Your profile page is also connected to your Master Data Extension. Any changes made to the profile page will automatically be updated in the corresponding fields in your data extension.

How to Find the URL for Your Profile Page

All NPR Station Profile Pages may be used to sign up for your email lists, or adjust existing subscriptions.  All station profile page URLS follow this formula: followed by a string of numbers from the ID number for your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Business Unit. 

For example, if your ID number were 123456, your profile page URL would be

To find the ID number for your Business Unit, log in to SMC, then click on your station name in the top-right corner.  A drop-down will appear with some of your account details.  The ID number you need is labeled, MID:

Customizing Your Profile Page

All profile pages are generated dynamically from a single template, so there is little customization that can be made to the page, although most text, as well as the branding at the top of the page can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Fields may also be added to the form that correspond to any fields in your Master Data Extension.

Please submit a ticket to request adjustments to your profile page.

Questions? Having Trouble? Contact Station Relations.

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