Marketing Forms: How do I update the logo and station contact information listed at the top of my forms?

Logo Requirements:

- Logos should display well on a white background
- Mobile view shrinks logo to 74 px wide
- .jpg, .gif or .png
- No spaces in the filename

Updating Your Information:

  1. Log into Marketing Forms.
  2. On the top navigation, choose APPEARANCE >> SETTINGS >> NPR DIGITAL SERVICES

    Appearance Menu
  3. Review your station's contact information for members. This contact info will appear on every form's header and footer.
  4. Upload your logo.
  5. Marketing Forms will automatically resize but upload a logo that looks good on a white background. Leave all other choices the same. 
    • Tip: Make sure there are no spaces in the name of the image file you upload.  Spaces in the name can cause a broken image to display instead of your logo

Troubleshooting: I just uploaded a new logo, but it appears as a broken image when I check my form.

If your logo is not displaying correctly after you upload it, double check the name of the image file you used. Remove any spaces or unusual characters, and try uploading the file again.

Submit a ticket if you continue to have trouble.

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