Salesforce Marketing Cloud: How Do I Create a One-Time List?

Background for One Time List Data Extensions: 
A One Time List Data Extension is a one-time list of that is not linked to your Master Data Extension. It is good to use one-time list for an Internal Proof List or Contest. In the case of a contest, you could import emails from a contest as a one-time list and send a thank you and notification of a winner.  Make sure to remember to direct them to your profile page to subscribe to other emails.
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Creating a One Time Data Extension List:
To create a One Time Data Extension List, go to Subscribers>>Data Extensions>>One-Time Lists

  1. Click CREATE in the top-right Corner
  2. Choose Standard Data Extension:

  3. Give your list a name. Description field is optional
  4. Check the boxes next to "Is Sendable?" and "Is Testable?" and click NEXT

  5. Make not changes to the next screen - Retention setting should be "off" by default. Click NEXT.
  6. List the fields you need included in the list.

    For the field that will contain the email address - Choose "email" from the DATA TYPE menu and check the box labeled PRIMARY KEY.

    For any fields that may be blank in the file you upload, check the NULLABLE box.

  7. IMPORTANT: Make sure the EMAIL field relates to subscription key using the drop-downs at the bottom of the window.

  8. Click CREATE

Import Contacts to Your One Time List:

Once your list has been set you, you can click on the import icon to the far right of the data extension name to import the emails to that data extension:

Link to upload contacts

The process is the same as uploading contacts to your Master Data Extension.

Sending to a One-Time List:

When you’re ready to send the email, you go through the same process as sending to any other data extension in the Guided Send process – Select to send to a data extension, then expand the one-time lists folder to select the list you want to send to.

Creating a One-Time List from an Existing List:

If you have cause to create several one-time lists that have similar fields, you can do the following:

Go to create a new one-time list as described above, but when you get to the first screen where you name the list, and open the drop down menu at the top labeled, “Creation Method.” Select, “Create from Existing” then navigate to the one time list that is similar and click “OK.” This will pre-populate the fields you created before into the following screens so you can just tweak as necessary instead of starting from scratch each time.

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