How to add your branding: Text Identifier / Short Display Name

Text Identifiers (also known as short display name) are areas where your call letters will show up in the NPR One app. One field in StationConnect populates several different areas in the app.

Text Identifiers appear in the app in the following areas: Local Newscast, Now Playing Story Card, Coming Up Next, Lock Screen. Please note: if you do not add a logo in StationConnect, the Search Screen will default to your Short Display Name. 

Local Newscast

Local Newscast Text Identifier

Now Playing

Now Playing Card Text Identifier

Coming Up

Coming Up Card Text Identifier

Adding/Editing Your Text Identifier

You only have to update one field to populate all of these areas!

  1. Log into StationConnect. Note: Your login information is the same as
  2. Find "Edit" next to your station
  3. Scroll down to the "NPR One" section
  4. To add your text identifiers find "Short Display Name" enter your call letters.
    Note: There is a 7 character limit
  5. Scroll down to the bottom and select "Save"

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