Analytics: Chartbeat Web Analytics FAQ

Chartbeat provides real-time insights into what is happening on your website right now. Access to Chartbeat is available to NPR Member Stations as part of your Digital Services agreement. More background is available here.

1. How can I log in to Chartbeat?
Our contract limits us to only provide one login to Chartbeat per station. If you're not sure whether your station already has access, please submit a ticket and we can confirm the email address connected to your station's account.

If your station does not yet have access, please create a shared email that will distribute to everyone on your team who would need access, and submit a ticket to request an account.

2. How do I enable Facebook and Twitter features in Chartbeat?
We need to connect your Chartbeat account to your social login information. You can send us a ticket with your station Facebook and Twitter login info, or to set up a time to give us this info over the phone, and we will take care of it. 

3. Can I use Chatbeat to track my other sites, or is it only on Core Publisher sites? 
Chartbeat code is integrated with your SAS tag, and can be used on any sites making use of the SAS tag

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