Analytics: SAS Account Set-Up FAQ

In order to get started with the Station Analytics Service, you must first create an account, here: Once your account has been activated, the system will display instructions on how to complete your account setup. Answers to common setup questions are below:

1. Why can’t I view my station info and make changes in SAS?

We don't want to keep your data safe so new accounts must be approved by an NPR staff member. This process usually happens within 24 hours, but if you don’t receive an approval notice within one business day please reach out send us a ticket.

2. What if I didn’t receive my activation code?

Check your spam folder and wait 24 hours. If there’s no sign of your activation code send us a ticket.

3. What is the UA number that I don’t recognize?

As part of the Core Publisher set up we create an account for your site. This is used to provide some of the data that you see in the CP dashboard and also provides the data that powers the "Most Active Stories" block. Please do not alter or remove this tracking code.

4. What’s the difference if I put the Google Analytics account under station, site, or domain?

The Station level tracker works as the rollup account for all your sites. The Site level tracker tracks only the site it’s assigned to. The Domain level tracker tracks the sub-domain only.

5. Can you put SAS codes on my core publisher sites?

All Core Publisher sites have transitioned to the new TMS code. Any customization needed should be made through the SAS website. We have implemented the base code for you. But if you have any web pages outside of Core Publisher, you’ll need to put the tag on those pages yourself.

6. Can SAS code track my donation forms?

Yes! Please put the pledge domain in SAS and implement SAS tag on your pages. To get ecommerce data please refer to this Pledge Analytics post on the Digital Services Website.

7. How do I set up on demand tracking?

All core publisher stations already have on demand tracking enabled and you can look at the data in SAS under the On Demand tab. If your station has additional resources or you don’t use core publisher, please refer to this On Demand Tracking post on the Digital Services Website.

8. What if I see Google Analytics profile “Not enabled yet” message in SAS dashboard? 

Please add these two email addresses to your Google Analytics account for us to pull data:

9. What if I don’t see streaming data in SAS dashboard?

If you can see other data in SAS, please reach out to us and we will link your Triton and SAS account to each other. If you can't pull reports in Triton please refer to our Triton Digital FAQ.

10. How do I know if my station is on Google Analytics Premium?

Google Premium doesn’t actually look different from the standard interface.  To confirm you have GA Premium run any report then click on the export menu.  If you see “unsampled report” as an option then you are using GA Premium.

11. What if the “station like me” option isn't working in SAS?

Most likely your station info is not correct. Please update your station information in SAS.

12. Is the monthly webinar recorded, where can I take find the videos?

Yes, we record all monthly webinars pubmetrics presentations. You can find the recordings at

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